Workshops, Seminars & Training

Turn The Page, LLC takes pride in producing top quality workshops, seminars, and trainings that may be delivered on-site to companies and organizations of all types and sizes. Whether you are a large company with several thousand employees, or a small organization with a staff of twenty, we will customize a training to suit your specific needs. Your staff won’t have to leave the office.

Our customized trainings are designed to fit your unique goals.    All workshops are completely hassle-free and produce immediate and measurable results.  Choose from the categories below or let us customize a program for you.

Workshops, Seminars & Training​ Categories

Behavioral Health Workshops

"Cutting, Self Mutilation, and Suicide"

Despite the seemingly growing rate of self injurious behavior across all cultures, particularly among adolescent and college populations, therapists and other helping professionals often fail to ask direct questions to their young clients about the origin of unusual injuries and willingly accept “the cat scratched me again” without exploring further.  Others, who attempt to go further, are often left feeling frustrated by those who repeatedly injure themselves and resort to responses such as “they’re just doing it for attention” or misinterpret self injurious behavior to mean that the individual is suicidal. In all cases, the child or adolescent is left emotionally injured.

"Child Interviews: Understanding The In’s and Out’s"

This training is designed to give participants a deeper understanding of the art of interviewing young children.  Participants will increase their knowledge and understanding of how the child’s brain functions and what particular strategies can be utilized to build rapport and elicit information from children in a non-threatening way.

Education Workshops

"Mental Health Diagnoses of Youth Bullying"

Classroom management can be difficult when students present with a variety of behavioral and mental health issues. Understanding and differentiating diagnostic criterion of youth, the overlapping symptoms in the classroom, and the underlying issues behind the symptoms will assist educators and parents in developing useful strategies for a success learning experience.

"Workshops for students and staff: What does the law really say?"

The concept of bullying is widely and liberally used in the modern era of school behavior management. However, under what circumstances are the terms ‘bully” and “bullying behavior” appropriate? The distinction has legal, social, and educational implications. Turn The Page LLC provides workshops and/or independent consultation to help sift through the bullying confusions.

Corporate Workshops

"Stress Management"

In the world of technology and speed, workplace stress becomes contagious. Staff are faced with long commutes, time away from family, extended work hours and conflicts with supervisors and co-workers.  Many research studies show us that as our stress increases, our health deteriorates, staff morale diminishes, and productivity decreases. Identifying triggers to workplace stress and developing effective workplace strategies to boost morale and reduce staff turnover can change an entire company.

"The Difficult Interview: Engaging for Success"

When a interview runs into challenges, the tendency to attribute cause for the unsuccessful exchange to the interviewee is natural. However, challenging exchanges rely heavily on the interviewer’s proper and thorough assessment of personality types as well as genuine recognition of his/her own conscious or subconscious biases and their role in communication.  This training breaks down various people types and how successful exchange relies heavily on the approach of the interviewer.  Multiple strategies are reviewed and practiced to encourage more productive interviews, and improved overall engagement and connections.